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Global Cancer Technology is innovating the treatment of deadly diseases like glioblastoma – it’s not science fiction any more! Scintillating nanoparticles can theoretically be coated in GCT’s cancer inhibitor that is currently being tested in animal models, then be injected into the bloodstream and designed to bind to the tumor’s surface.

innovative cancer treatments for patients

Over the last few months, more than $30 billion has been invested in biotechnology companies to spur research and development, particularly in the area of cancer treatments. Companies like Global Cancer Technology are developing innovative treatments in an effort to one day halt the progression of deadly diseases like glioblastoma.

cancer treatment biotech GCT

Cancer patients have been skipping their treatments since the pandemic began. In some cases, clinics have temporarily closed their facilities or halted their procedures due to the outbreak; in other cases, patients have been afraid of contracting the virus.