Global Cancer Technology is developing a unique, mechanistically distinct class of a potent, selective and brain penetrating modulator of PI3K. The compound:

  • Is a potent and selective inhibitor
  • Crosses the blood brain barrier
  • Modulates immune cell function and inflammatory responses,

Its PI3K small molecule inhibitor has shown to induce growth arrest, increase immune recognition and increase sensitivity to radiation in cancer cells.

Management Team


CEO & founder

John Clark – is the founder, chairman and CEO of GCT with over 30 years of medical finance and business experience.



Peter Hanson – was formerly a partner with Ernst & Young and has over 35 years of experience as a CPA in finance and operations.



Senior Corporate Advisor

Robert Proulx – has held numerous Board positions, is a recognized thought leader in biopharma, and currently is the CEO of Imagion Biosystems.


Chief Scientific Consultant

M. Karen. Newell-Rogers – has held multiple board positions and multiple officer positions in biotechnology and is currently a Senior Research Professor in the Department of Medical Physiology in the School of Medicine at Texas A&M University.



Mark Potvin – has 25 years in operations-primarily in medical device sales & marketing, engineering and supply chain strategies throughout the US and globally.

Scientific Advisors



Director, Neuro-oncology

Chair and Professor, Department of Translational Neurosciences; Regional Medical Director, Research Clinical Institute, Providence Southern California


Chief Advisor

Former Chief of Neuro-Oncology, Barrow Neurological Institute , Phoenix AZ
– Chief of Neuro Oncology at Baylor Scot & White Temple, Texas



CEO Imagion Biosystems

Director of the Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research center and Wendt Family Endowed Chair; internationally known expert in photonics and opto-electronics.



CEO Imagion Biosystems

Organic Chemistfrom San Diego State University & University of Erlangen. Highly experienced polymer and organic chemist. Head of the Chemical Biology Program at the Moore’s Cancer Center at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and a Research Scientist in the Department of Neuroscience.


Traci Lyons

PhD Associate Professor, Medicine-Medical Oncology

Associate Professor, Medicine-Medical Oncology at the University of Colorado with a deep background focusing on mechanisms of lymphatic mediated metastasis of breast cancer. Specifically, utilizing mouse models to investigate developmentally regulated programs of inflammation and lymphangiogenesis that are utilized in the adult mammary gland and may be hijacked by breast tumor cells.


Prof. Dr Michael Rossmanand


An expert in diagnostics, cell-based therapeutics, neuroscience and genomics. Professor Rossbach holds academic appointments at the National University of Singapore (NUS), at the German Institute of Science and Technology (TUM Asia) in Singapore (Biochemistry, Cell biology, and Bioorganic Chemistry), at INSEAD Management School (Entrepreneur-in- Residence) and is a professor and member of the Faculty of the Witten School of Management (Germany).

Partners and Progress

GCT has forged numerous partnerships to advance our efforts in cancer drug discovery with some of the brightest scientists in their respective fields.


Neuropore Therapies (NPT) Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company in San Diego, California. NPT is developing novel, small-molecule therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative disorders.
 • Drug development of NPT 520-337


Imagion Biosystems is developing a new non-radioactive and safe diagnostic imaging technology. They aim to detect cancer and other diseases earlier and with higher specificity than currently possible by combining biotechnology and nanotechnology.
• Preclinical trial partner Development of the Scintillating Nano Crystals


Barrow Neurological Institute is an international leader in treating, researching, and educating brain and spinal diseases, conditions, and injuries. Performance of In-vivo tests and Clinical Trials

• Performance of In vivo tests and Clinical Trials
• Completed preclinical trials with glioblastoma cultures
• Commencing now animal studies


Baylor Scott & White is one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare systems in the United States. It will be the site for our Phase I clinical trial for glioblastoma. Baylor Scott & White sees over 300 glioblastoma patients a year.
We have begun a collaboration with them to a novel glioblastoma biomarker that will help measure tumor response to therapeutics and even detect potential or actual relapse.


We are partnering with the Baylor College of Medicine to complete preclinical and animal studies using advanced glioblastoma cell lines. This program will be in a lab directed by Dr. Ali Jalali, a highly regarded research neurosurgeon.

• In vivo tests using BaylorScott&White’s advanced glioblastoma cell lines
• Animal studies

Brown University

We are partnering with Brown University and Dr. Wafik El- Deiry to perform preclinical trials investigating the use of our drug with a children’s form of glioblastpoma known as DIPG. He is a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, a Mencoff Family University Professor of Medical Science and Associate Dean for Oncologic Science.

A&M Medicine

We plan to complete final preclinical studies at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (VMBS). The studies will evalulate the PK, PD properties of our compound and will entail a multi-species study.

An Investment Opportunity

Global Cancer Technology is offering accredited investors and opportunity to acquire pre-IPO shares.

Investors should consider this as:

  • an opportunity to participate in the offering ahead of the general public
  • a possible purchase of pre-IPO shares at a price that’s below the intended IPO price
  • a  chance to yield higher returns in a successful IPO.

Please contact the company for a complete disclosure statement and offering prospectus