When There’s a Will – There’s a Way

Our team is committed to improving the lives of cancer patients.

Global Cancer Technology

Because cancer shouldn’t be a death sentence

Global Cancer Technology is a non-revenue biopharma company developing a novel treatment for cancers. We are developing a small molecule PI3K inhibitor that can cross the blood-brain barrier and has shown promise in preclinical cell and animal studies.

To date, we have research efforts underway studying how our PI3K inhibitor, GCT- 007 slows the growth of glioblastoma (brain cancer) cells. Glioblastoma is the most malignant and aggressive form of brain cancer. It is particularly adept at escaping an immune defense response and has shown strong resistance against PI3K/AKT/mTOR inhibitors, hence the importance of finding novel ways to treat this deadly disease.

Our PI3K inhibitor also exhibits similar growth inhibition in triple-negative breast cancer tumors.


Our unique compound appears to have application in more than one cancer type as a potent and selective inhibitor of PI3K.
We have recently initiated preclinical studies using our drug for triple negative breast cancer at the University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus

“Global Cancer Technology has the only radioactivated drug transport technology of its kind in the world. When successfully commercialized, the company will significantly impact cancer treatment outcomes and establish itself as a leader in this cancer treatment delivery market.”
Dr. Santosh Kesari
World-renowned Neuro-Oncologist-John Wayne Cancer Insitute

New Data! Glioblastoma Tumor Growth is Arrested

Our first anti-cancer inhibitor (patent pending) is currently in pre-clinical trials. Tumor growth in mice is arrested and the tumor appears to degrade based on the latest data.


Each year, about one-third of those diagnosed with cancer (605,500) will die.

Glioblastoma, a rare and deadly form of brain cancer, is diagnosed in about 5 of every 100,000 people worldwide. Incidence is increasing according to studies published by the NCBI. Breast cancer is diagnosed in ~265,000 people each year: 10-15% have triple negative cancer which often spreads to the lymph nodes and kills around one-third of patients.

We believe we have a solution for these deadly cancers.


Our compound, GCT- 007  is a member of a unique, mechanistically distinct class of selective inhibitors that target PI3K. GCT- 007 can:

  • potently and specifically inhibit PI3K
  • cross the blood-brain barrier (few compounds can do this)
  • modulate immune cell function and inflammatory response.

In preclinical studies, our compound has been shown to induce arrested growth in cell cultures, to increase immune recognition, and to increase sensitivity to radiation. Combined, these effects make the glioblastoma tumor weaker and more susceptible to treatment.

Business Model

The pathway to commercialization of any drug is straightforward and well developed. It begins with an idea and ends with an FDA approval


Research takes time and money. Bringing a drug to market now costs an average of $ 1.3 Billion and can take up to a decade in time. It is extremely challenging and with less funding, it can take even longer. Yet the potential to change lives makes it an attractive pursuit despite the complexity and risks.


GCT has acquired the right/license to the following the patents